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OXSA RB - rear bucket  RB-series

OXSA RB-Series


Safe and easy loading of snow, sand or gravel with OXSA Multipurpose bucket for tractor’s three-point hitch.

Thanks to modern design and manufacturing process and high quality materials Oxsa rear bucket can handle extreme wear and conditions. It is designed for loading sand, gravel, snow and other materials. As a three-point hitch attachment it is suitable for all kinds of tractors.

NEW! RB220

RB160 and RB200 got big brother, RB220. In RB-series, RB220 is the largest, widest (220cm) and deepest (1033mm) of them. RB220 is +2 millimeters more thicker at the bottom than its little brothers (RB160 & RB200: 4mm, RB220: 6mm), whichs bolsters the structure and adds tread even more. Apart from these, RB-220 has all the same qualitys than its little brothers.

Watch RB-rear bucket product video Watch RB-product video (in finnish)

Modern design and manufacturing

Rear buckets as all other OXSA –implements are designed with modern 3D-design program. This ensures that material strengths and tensions are optimized already during the design process. OXSA products are designed with help of professional contractors and farmers who use the products in their everyday business. Another assurance of high quality design and manufacturing process is the CE-approval granted for all OXSA-products.

Rear Bucket - RB-series: Brackets

Brackets welded into inner frame structure

To guarantee strength and reliability of brackets they are not only attached into rear plate but also into inner frame. Brackets come further out from the rear plate than in traditional design which makes attaching OXSA-rear bucket into tractor easier and faster. There are 3 different attaching points for lower link pins and 2 for top link pin. Therefore OXSA-rear bucket is suitable also for smaller tractors.

Rear Bucket - RB-series: Tapered shape

Tapered shape helps filling and emptying the bucket

Bucket’s shape is tapered – it widens towards the opening. This helps filling and emptying the bucket even with the most dense soil. Boxed structure is designed to give rigidness but also to prevent soil compacting and sticking into corners.

Rear Bucket - RB-series: Edged and boxed structure

Edged and boxed structure – strength and rigidness

Edged side, rear and bottom plates enable more rigid and lighter structure. Boxing upper and lower corners with edged beams strengthens the bucket even more.

Rear Bucket - RB-series: Fast, easy and safe tipping

Fast, easy and safe tipping

Tipping of the load is easy and safe either by pulling directly from the release handle or with help of rope tied into the handle. Tipping can be done regardless of the position of the bucket. Accidental tipping can be avoided with a separate locking pin.

Rear Bucket - RB-series option: Glader blade

Patented adjustable grader blade as an option

RB-series rear buckets can be equipped with a grader blade which makes removing packed snow and ice or leveling curls from gravel road easy. This combed blade is made of HB500 high wear resistant steel (same material is used in road grader blades etc.). Blade’s adjusting mechanism is designed to enable lowering it to working position in just couple of minutes and it’s excentric fasteners lock the blade into it’s desired position even when pressing it against road. This quick lowering and lifting mechanism of the grader blade makes for example removing packed ice from road easy and fast.

Katso polanneterän säätö Watch video of how grader blade adjusts (in Finnish)

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Technical information

Rear Bucket - RB-series: Technical data